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About NuManHerb:

NuManHerb is a Sexual Performance Enhancer for men that works the first time and every time to give you rock hard erections that last long enough to satisfy her and certainly long enough to satisfy you!

NuManHerb's Qualities:

NuManHerb was designed to help men with their sexual performance in many different ways. It is equipped with potent natural aphrodisiacs that will result in a stronger sex drive and extend a man's staying power. Men can benefit from more sexual energy and endurance, and the size of their erection can increase in both length and width.

Additionally, the Newly Designed NuManHerb Formula is Clinically Proven and Doctor Approved, and one of the reasons that this product is superior to prescription drugs is that they only provide temporary benefits, whereas this product was developed to promote sustainable results.

NumanHerb's Ingredients